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Cohere and See

I relish underestimation by the incompetent,
tuning to E.T. frequencies, I stomped and went
to the highest precipice,
passing tests no one would want to miss.

It’s dire that we rewire ourselves to inquire,
and respire to inspire.
Let’s tire of fashionable attire,
with a pyre for every liar.

Staring off into space, daring to scoff at the rat race,
I’m tearing off our false face, bearing Thoth’s ancient grace.

I refuse to infuse refuse; sometimes a recluse,
I’d rather suffuse power to choose than let loose with narcissistic abuse.

If we hoard, we’ll just be whored,
but if we board, we can’t be bored.
When we’re assured, our hearts are shored.

Hold vision, unfold fission.
Told you’d face derision, stay bold, they’ll listen.
Mold and glisten, even when they’re sold to Nixon.

“It’s only entertainment, chill. Just innocent (s)laughter.”
Wouldn’t it be funny if we really collectively accepted the power of our voice and vision?

To heck with vampyric tech,
when you’re feeling as only a speck,
put bad habits in check.
Truly connect and respect,
don’t deflect and get wrecked.

Commodified communication has ineffable God decried through inflation.
Marginalization of consideration brings devaluation and misinformation.

It takes goodness’ sake – to partake in
ending egomania – before we’re all raked in.

Rather than be enslaved by pursuit of status,
decipher inner fruit, and harvest far and wide, gratis.

Beyond algorithmic selfies, consumption, and fallacies,
to setting selves free with balance please,
before we’re all brought to our knees.
You can still say “cheese” while appreciating the breeze,
it’s just, how can we cure disease, while poisoning and raising the seas?

I’d rather have sobriety, than corrupt notoriety.
I’d rather know the higher me, than sell my soul for crooks to hire me.

Tune to the frequency signature, don’t be a caricature,
resigned as a fixture, indiscriminately part of the totalitarian mixture.

Cohere and see, Coherency.
Co-hear in sea. Don’t fear, just be.
It’s clear, you’re me. My dear, we’re free.

(Image credit: Dennis Konstantin Bax)