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Group Coherence Through Communication Discernment: Reason & Etiquette Amid Sensationalism & Commodification

To avoid being used as tools of our own oppression by ruthlessly profit-driven and psychologically exploitational social tools, we must remain informed of the arsenal preying on our weaknesses. Only then are we equipped with an awareness that can utilize the momentum of would-be attacks for our own empowerment, in the style of judo martial arts. Advertisers and politicians have an extremely detailed data set of personal profiles equiping them for advanced manipulation through the media we’re displayed. At the heart of our profiled manipulation is communication debasement and narrative direction, through the normalization of sensationalism. This is a smokescreen masking our stellar potential by degrading communication under the guise of entertainment and sociability. The irony of this sensationalist “sociability” is that while it parades as hypersocial, it is fundamentally sociopathic, and thus antisocial.

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”
– Jiddu Krishnamurti

Sensationalism is the sinisterly subtle, anti-intellectual element of fascism, dressing it up in a shiny, but ugly and toxic mask. People trick themselves into pretending it’s pretty and desirable, only because of subconscious conditioning to selectively perceive a narrow range of possibilities. We now see so-called “social” media flooded with dopamine junkies, chasing the dragon of “shit-posting”, meme trolling, and useless, attention-grabbing, over-posting. These flashy debasements are not meaningful communication, but symptoms of dis-ease and a cry for help.

“But, the algorithms,” and “everyone else,” or, “it’s just entertainment,” are not excuses, they’re self-fulfilling prophecies. For a clean news feed, feed your conscience, not your vices. Conscious entertainment is informative and stimulating, not numbing and distracting. Even when constrained within a strictly profit-driven monopoly like EgoBook, it’s a global media platform, in an age where we’ve never had more clear reasons and power to step up as the only reasonable media left, (aside from a handful of independent and mostly nonprofit, overlooked organizations and individuals).

When people deny this responsibility and opportunity, a sickening cognitive dissonance reduces them to unwitting cheerleaders for both sides of the polarized extremism inherit in false-opposition politics. Despite any attempts made to appear clearly against the corruption on both sides, or conditionally in support of one side, that is outright impossible without participating in truly coherent, empowered communication. Comprehensive group coherence requires that those jockeying for narcissistic attention aren’t given priority over those who maintain the common courtesy of discernment in their communications.

You are the beholder in whose eye beauty may either lie or stand True. Know this wholly, and that any attempt at convincing otherwise, no matter how subtle or grand, is but petty provocation that’s conquered at a whim within your own heart, mind, and spirit of gold. This is a call to empowerment, not an attempt to shame. The dissonance is unsettling when people overlook thoughtful, original content, and then, for example, “like” a useless, one-sentence complaint about first-world problems, or otherwise participate in the useless distractions of lowest common denominator media, making a mockery of our highest potential. You may have heard the saying “vote with your dollars”. Our technology is advanced enough now to vote very meaningfully with your mind and voice. We must be conscious not to be consumed by what we consume, or possessed by what we possess.

I used to participate in the big tech “social” media to try using it constructively, but eventually with more and more revelations showing the true depth of manipulation, disinformation, censorship, and extremism fostered across big tech, I personally recommend a total boycott and transition to open platforms like Steem, Minds, Gab, Truth, Parler, etc.