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Convinced to Wince

The etymologies of “convince,” “enthrall,” “entertain,” “engross,” and “amuse,”
contain the ominous roots “conquer,” “enslave,” “occupy,” “acquire,” and “deceive.”

No wonder so many are conquered through convincing, enslaved through enthrallment,
occupied through entertainment, acquired through engrossment, deceived by amusement!

It’s through convincing that the people are left wincing.
How can anyone be conquered with just a word?

When we misunderstand the power of language,
our prosperity is abandoned to languish.

Conned into choosing not to see or feel,
or even attempt to Be what is Real.

Know it’s a scam
if not aligned with “I am.”

The lost
just wander,
kicked and tossed,
ignorantly asunder.

Insisting, “Well, that’s that!
Don’t be absurd!”
Folding to the molding,
like, “It’s just fashion!”

We’re preventing systemic combat,
by heeding the unheard,
inner holding ’till glowing,
with the fire of compassion.

It’s called reality,
not triviality.

Through this lexicon
is our connection.

Never mind complexion,
that’s not even in question.
Practice thorough dissection
to determine true direction.

Look deeper
to free your keeper.