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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How to buy a domain name?

We use trusted escrow services to guarantee your domain is securely delivered to you. Once payment is made, you will have the option to receive the domain in your own account at the current registrar for no additional fee, or you may choose to have a unique Authorization Code generated for transferring the domain to your registrar of choice. You will then enter the Auth Code in your account at your preferred registrar, and in most cases, they will require you to pay the annual renewal fee, which varies depending on the domain name and registrar. To transfer the domain for free, and pay the renewal fee later when it’s due, chose the first option, also known as a “push” to your account at the current registrar, instead of transferring to a new registrar.

What is a domain registrar, or registry?

Some of the biggest domain registrars are Epik, GoDaddy, Cloudflare, Google, Porkbun, and Sav, but there are many others with competitive pricing and features. From your account on one of these websites, you can connect your domain name to services such as web hosting, email, and more, depending on what services the registrar has available.

Does my domain name purchase come with a website, or web hosting?

No. If you think of your domain name as digital realty, the domain itself is like the land and location, while the website you put there is like the building and business that you construct. While most domain registrars also offer website hosting, a few of the top hosts are: Epik, Siteground, Bluehost, Dreamhost, HostGator, and many more. If your web hosting and domain registrar account are on different websites, you simply need to enter your web hosting info at your domain registrar account to connect them.

Is building a website hard or expensive?

Not always, some common options that let you connect a relatively simple website to your own domain name for free or cheap are: WordPress, Wix, Blogger, and Github. If you’re unsure where to start, contacting a professional web designer can be a great investment to save you a lot of time and effort while also achieving increased campaign impact.

What is a premium domain?

A premium domain name earns your business high visibility and brand awareness. It can be thought of as building your business on a busy street corner, where customers can easily find it and won’t forget it. While the valuation process is more complicated than physical realty, premium domains are highly sought after due to things like popular keywords, length, history, market competition, etc. Because of a limited supply of the best names, many premium domain names are successfully used as investment vehicles which show a resistance to the effects of inflation.

What is a TLD?

TLD stands for Top Level Domain, the term for the part of the domain after the dot, such as .com , .org , .net , or .xyz . Your name that goes before the dot is called the SLD, or Second Level Domain. In some cases there will be a SLD before your name, such as ,, or Other terms for domain name extensions include CCTLDs, which stands for Country Code, such as .us or .eu . NewTLD’s or GenericTLD’s refers to the numerous new domain extensions, such as .io, .me , .tv , .news , .love , and many more. We specialize in all TLD’s at Musk.Domains, to learn more about what makes Musk.Domains unique, see about us.

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