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Gratitude Attitude

Impeded, stuck in a perspective of being mistreated,
I needed. I then weeded and seeded,
now I’m heeded with oppressors unseated.

Never victim to circumstance,
rather, blessed to see how opportune it is to dance.
When I achieve a drug-free trance,
it solidifies my Universal Freedom stance.

The gratitude attitude
brings inspiration motivation.

Giving praise clears the haze.
Staying activated subdues the hated.

Keep shining your light,
and enshrining your sight.
No whining, you’re bright,
keep climbing, new heights.

If you ever feel depressed,
remember, that every moment’s a test,
and wonder, “Have I regressed?”
It’s at the behest of our best
to say, “Lest we amputate our chest,
let’s open our hearts to the zest.”
As we ride the crest,
just squash every pest,
just clean up what’s messed.
Remember, you’re blessed.

Reveal the facade and don’t nod,
know we are of God,
without needing any laud, or even a prod.
The truth shall ring abroad,
and set aflame every fraud.

It’s materializing, we’re actualizing.
Fuck the politicizing, keep fertilizing,
and destigmatizing, rising, and truly humanizing.

There is no defeat or victory,
only lessons with varying degrees of depth & difficulty.
False perceptions of duality
cannot compare to the infinity of Singularity.

Grow like a tree,
blossom like a flower,
yield like a fruit.

When you know that you are me,
we have the almighty power,
to let revolution take root.

(Image credit: Mark Henson)

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