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Integrate Integrity

Integrate integrity to elevate the Sacred Key.
It’s through intimacy that into-me-I-see.
If we truly decree to be free, we can’t withhold for the sake of brevity.

Love must be perceived to be fully received.
Don’t heave when you achieve
the power to conceive and believe.

There’s no “them” in “service”…”Serve us.”
We are each other, all in this together.

Radically open sharing requires daring, caring, and bearing, not just staring.
Fully contemplate, rather than denigrate based on parts of yourself that you hate.
Please help me help you help we, in endless reciprocity.

In platonic intimacy our EMBRACE lights the EMBers of the human RACE,
to fuel the fire that propels us to space.

Meditation is fun,
it’s like, flipping a ton,
unzipping the sun…
being All and No One.

Activating new diverse neural connections,
while realizing the center of consciousness,
is the center of the universe.

Iridescent fluorescent, metallic holographic,
morphing crystal lasers,
undulating omniscient unity.

Much elaboration in these regards,
can be masturbation towards,
illusory projections of misperceptions.

While subliminally sublimating subconsciousness,
be sure to extricate exponential, experiential, expressive evolution,
the unending, undulating, unearthing of undeveloped unknowns.

(Image credit: Puguess)