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Just Kickin’ It

My words are hearing aids, restoring sense to those affected by the violence of deafening silence.
With undeniable pronouncement, like hearing thunder at the moment of birth.

I like to kick heads out of the sand, and start garbage fires where they were buried.
Utilizing waste for illumination, and preventing reburying.

Dutifully kicking wheels off bandwagons, while they’re traveling steep hills.
Forcing the occupants to either gain their own footing, or just tuck and roll.
It’s not luck, it’s soul.

Operating from the shadows, where projections can’t land,
anyone honest with themselves, has just to reach for my hand.
I don’t suffer self-denigration, none can ignore we are grand.

This shift brings change.
The change brings shifties.
Trendy pack leaders act like crack feeders,
telling wack heeders to attack seeders.

Those cults are part of the molt
shedding cloned screws and bolts,
restraints are freed to generate exponential volts.
The liberated potential of preyed upon energy is unleashed.

Disillusioned empaths taking acid baths,
and clearing new paths through hyperdimensional maths.
We’re not out of the woods, but we’ve sure got the goods,
wary of dictated “shoulds,” we’re not the ones hiding in hoods.

I need to write to stay right.
I’m curing mass blight,
a beacon through the soul’s night.

Regardless of support, I know my cohort.
Dishonesty & delusion lurk in the deafening silence around crucial issues.
It’s here we can see where hearts really lie.