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Do you believe in the cause of truth, freedom, creativity, and integrity? Musk.Domains and our partners are committed to allyship based on these eternal principles. Learn about our various partnership opportunities below. To apply for partnership, just mention your interest and needs when you contact us!

Current Partners:

End NotSeeism is a movement to end the dehumanizing bullying that is inherent in censorship. Stop the NotSees who want to “protect” you from truth they think you should Not See. Unity and dialogue over division and censorship! is a voice for the millions of innocent people being held in concentration camps right now. Most of the concentration camps are being euphemistically called “internment camps,” but there is clear international consensus of these torture and murder sites clearly being modern concentration camps.

Too Diverse is dedicated to the voices of those that get deemed as “too diverse” by sociopathic (a.k.a “social”) media platforms. At the forefront of the “diversity and inclusion” movement, we stand for the equal inclusion of even those who are hatefully told they are “too diverse” to be included.

Brand Development & Web Design

Interested in one of our domains, but unsure of a brand development strategy? We can help you take off with a cohesive web design and content strategy that gets your services and products to those who need them.

List Your Domains

We will add your domain to our listed inventory, and broker it’s sale, for a flat 10% fee of final sales price. Instantly expand your exposure and take the worries out of selling.

Discounts For Integrity

Do you, or the brand you represent, have a history of showing integrity though your words and actions? Musk.Domains offers exclusive discounts to reward and encourage upstanding members of the community to continue their brave work. If interested, please contact us with mention of the Integrity Discount, and give an example of your activities that may qualify. Depending on the domain name of interest, and your brand’s history, we may consider steep discounts.

Become A Sponsor

You can show your support of the Musk.Domains mission by applying to become an official sponsor. Show the world that your brand meaningfully stands for what’s right. Options include:

  • Your brand’s logo, and a brief description, on this page.
  • Display a text or image on all of our webpages with your message.
  • Sponsored event attendance, where a Musk.Domains representative attends an outreach event wearing your brand’s logo.
  • Donations, made in the name of an individual, business, or anonymously.

Contact us with inquiries, or make a secure donation through PayPal:

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