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Public Sphere

I would rather have the Public Sphere,
than just the Public’s Fear.
Mass media says, “Don’t Be Here,
stay lost as you watch this,
fear this, hate this, and buy this,
while we rewrite Bliss,
and sell it back as the kiss… of death…
disguised as what you miss, at best.”

In a culture that’s casually suicidal,
don’t wait ’till the waves are tidal.
No need to act prissy and bridal,
despite the denialists’ desperation to hide all,
we’ll always be on the same side y’all.
We can’t even fall, as together we stand tall.

Don’t whittle your vision
to fit a limited framework,
saying, “everything’s a game, jerk!”
There’s just a little more, listen:

Appeal to bots and the bot-minded,
and get repealed and revealed:
by conventional thought, blinded.

Open, loving knowledge sharing is the opposite of condescension.
Our sacred duty is spreading comprehension,
or else revel in the enslavement of maintaining our own prison.

Every day, we consciously build or dismantle the walls through Voice.
Shall we join and sing, or hide and shriek?
Be the solution, the antidote, the light, foresight, for Sight.

We’re so alive and free, despite what the media tells you to see, you have a right to glee.
The deep, heavy, subconscious effects of the pervasive fear narrative require serious reprogramming in us all, through the universal unifying movement of true art, science, religion, culture, and community.

It’s called your calling because it is literally calling you nonstop and leaving messages through the direct universal connection of all matter. The more you ignore it, the louder the ringing gets, and more urgent and agitated the messages are.

Pick up to be picked out,
to receive instructions for being shipped clout,
or just get kicked about
until you open The Doors of Perception enough to hear the shout.

The machine rumblings of groupthink jar me awake at night.
The cacophony of discordant clamoring thunders through night’s silence.
You can’t “just go through the motions,” without them going through you.

Sometimes, you have to go overboard to stay afloat.
You may have to nosedive, to see the ground.
Keep hold of your center, in a million ways the ancients wrote.
When you know thyself, all is found.

We may be given truth, but not discernment.
We may be given knowledge, but not bravery.
We may be given support, but not integrity.
We may be given medicine, but not health.
We may be given sacrament, but not revelation.
We may be given light, but not enlightenment.
We may be given a flame, but each of us must keep our fuel refined to stay lit.

Don’t miss the forest for the trees, temporality is but a sliver.
It’s okay to be eternal.

(Image credit: Clay Taylor)