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“Soarce” (verb) – to soar on the sorcery of source. “I was soarcing so hard, I gleefully stomped through their puddle of haterade, splashing their bile in their face without even getting a drop on myself.”

One of the most heroic abilities of artists is that of empathy. This entails the ability to see one’s own work through the eye’s of others, which includes all the darkest derision and ridicule. We don’t need explicit communication to know. Some call this mind reading, but really it’s just a developed sense of empathy through a lot of difficult self discovery. As the saying goes, “people can only meet you as deeply as they’ve met themselves.” 

I want to pay homage to this ability of thinking and feeling through the darkest shadows, yet still bearing forth the torch of vision. We probably all think such dark critical thoughts of ourselves and others to some degree, which is an inevitability of discernment. This is okay and there’s no need to beat oneself up for it, but rather immediately identify such thoughts, laugh them away, and then deeply search for the origin of one’s own insecurity that caused the projection. For instance, a cynical perspective may either rescue or sabotage. It’s a critical element yet easily corrupted to infiltrate where it’s not needed. The key is knowing how and when to identify proper application of perspective.

This is a friendly reminder to please encourage and enforce these primary abilities. By not encouraging this, it imposes an implicit deadness and meaninglessness that is so all-encompassing as to easily go unnoticed. The struggle to escape from and expose that invisible fog is the tale of the artist and mystic. If the American public education system wasn’t outright brainwashing, the very first thing to be taught would be art, meditation, the art of meditation, and the meditation of art. People are going their whole lives without even knowing how to really look at or listen to art, or themselves.

Experiencing ostracization from heartfelt expression can be a deep and lasting pain, yet it’s far less than the pain of not voicing one’s truth. I send thanks from the depth of our eternal connection to those who understand. This includes those with whom I have, or have had, fundamental disagreements, yet who still hold me dear. To those silenced by fear, you don’t need anyone’s forgiveness but your own, yet I offer you mine if you’ll have it. You are as beautiful and whole as ever. Thank you for our service.

“NotSee” (noun, verb) – Someone tending toward any number of various slavishly fascist mentalities. Marked by their subconsciously driven, denialist shadow projections, which they can “Not See” to understand.

I’ve had numerous NotSees come out of the closet to me with cowardly threats and/or creepy sexual advances because of my art, which is subconsciously among the greatest compliments such people are capable of. Although it can be a challenge to meet such sad projections with empathy at the time of encounter, I’m blessed with the ability to see them as the tortured cries for help that they are. Since my art is specifically aimed at healing such gaping wounds, I can see the unconscious deathly fear behind the hatred as an affirmation of the world’s need for my art. I thank all allies for their assistance here.

If memes are mind apps, creating art is a system optimizer, firewall, & malware remover. Many apps that we think are totally closed, still continue undetected in the background.

The cult of personality and celebrity worship is intertwined not only in mass media, but in everyday culture and even so-called “countercultures”. It’s not just on TV, billboards, and magazines. It’s not just celebrities, and it doesn’t always look like the typical concepts of cults and worship. 

It’s a giant party, whose only effective end goal is (s)laughter. Participation is a signed waiver that was never read. It’s a zero-sum game where one can only enable the spread of dis-ease, regardless of any fanciful branding.

It’s the biggest P.R. campaign in history. Idolatry sold as communion, sovereignty subverted into fanaticism, egotism as empowerment.