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Victim or Creator

Victim mentality is the lowest level of empowerment, and malignant cultural engineers clearly know and exploit this. When it comes to perpetuating victimhood, beware of the sycophantic “rescuer” just as much, if not more than the “persecutor.” They’re both essential roles in what’s know as the Karpman drama triangle.

The “rescuer” as sycophant can pose more of a threat than the “persecutor,” by never contradicting the “victim.” This means the “rescuer” could paint the “victim” into a box, by preventing the awareness needed to flip from the drama to empowerment dynamic. This is what’s known as “white knighting,” when the so-called “rescuer” secures their role as authority over the subject, locking them into victimhood. By the “rescuer” dehumanizing the “challenger” as a “persecutor,” they ensure that critical growth opportunities are blocked away from their prey, maintaining the state of disempowered dependence on the “rescuer.”

I will not coddle disempowering division, no matter how politically fashionable, because I love the true, empowered you, not an idealized, pedestalized, and ultimately degrading version of you. As Bob Marley said, “We’re sick and tired of your ism schism game.”


Bots told me that every bit of contradiction and constructive criticism on the internet is only out of arrogance… Holding ourselves to account can look like finger pointing to the undiscerning, and vice versa. In fact, promoting such a core illusion has historically played a central role in all types of subversion.

The coping mechanisms of self-constructed, transparent prison walls and splintered crutches which result from Stockholm Syndrome / Battered Person Syndrome are poisonous, highly addictive, and ultimately more harmful than what they pacify. These natural defense mechanisms of the human psyche have been weaponized into poisonous, addictive “solutions” to a problem that they only worsen and distract from.

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